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Here model of Alex Merser from Prototype. He has bad flexes and bones so if you is not difficult, please feel free to correct it model!(Oh! And please sorry for my bad english!)
Some screenshots:

Christ I thought this would never happen.

What do you mean?

Some1 doing Alex from Prototype dude

Oh, right!

Someone definitely needs to give this guy better physics/collisions. He’s a massive pain in the ass to pose and raising the mass barely helped.

Hey I’m doing this port and I dont give any permission for releasing beta version.
I was going to release him on the next week as suprise :frowning:

It isn’t that bad too pose…just need too spend a lot of time is all it takes.

It doesn’t matter if you said it wasn’t made by you, pardon me for my opinion but that was kind of a dick move releasing something you were probably not told too.

Looks like the file has been removed now anyway.

That’s why you don’t give anything out to anyone. Unless if you truly know the person very well.



invalid model or deleted


I deleted it so that why it invalid :V

Wow! I really really really sorry! I dont now that it is your model! please forgive me!

Kinda sad now, since I still don’t have an Alex Mercer model.

I’ll release him next week with Bonus model :U

You just won the game! :smiley:

Its too late for apologies!

All is forgiven, got too be careful what you post on the web these days. Always ends up somewhere else.