Prototype Models

I could rig them, its just that I don’t know how to get the model files into the modeling program.

Does anyone know how to open rcf files?

I tried getting them, but if you rip them it fucks up the UV maps. There aren’t any tools to extract the models out of the files, either.

The left one is when I tried to apply a material to it. It’s pretty much unfixable.

Damn, that sucks.

Yeah. I ended up making a remake of Alex out of a L4D zombie and some other stuff from other games, but I lost it.

Damn. Well, maybe some day, someone will come up with a way to do it.

All in good time though.

If you lost it , can’t You compile that again and upload it?
It’s better than nothing

No I mean I lost all of the files. I reformatted and forgot to back it up.

Is it possible you can make it again? Just outta curiosity.

You could ask Rck, the maker of the steam archivement tools.
He managaed to hack Prototype for mods and seems to be one of the bests out there.

Yeah I saw that, but it’s just textures and scripts.

Maybe, but he could know how to lift the problem with ripping the models. Just ask him, he answers to PMs.

He’s on the forum?

Yeah, his account is “Rck”.
I pm’d him long ago when I wanted to ask if he could do a a tool to easen ripping models of games madeby Jade Engine, primary Raving Rabbits, Beyond Good and Evil, and most importantly, the Prince of Persia Trilogy. He told me he wanted to take a look in BGaE, but never answered back. Maybe I should ask him again.

Nevertheless, you could try your luck.