Prototype RP OA Schema - Come take it if you want it.

This is not related to Prototype Mod by Noobcake, I was very surprised to see him publish such a mod just the same day when I decided to make that thread


I have been working on a roleplaying schema and a map for it. It was the schema of my dreams. And guess what? It is almost done! It is playable, it has everything necesary. It works. But I can’t use it. Why?
Because I am going to the univercity in september. No point i ncreating a community if I won’t have any time.
Although I totally don’t want my schema to never be used. This is why I am giving it to you.

What is it about?

Alex Mercer flying around killing helpless citizens. Just kidding.

The game is supposed to take place in a Greenzone bordering a Red zone. Just like in Prototype 2. The setting is that we have a peaceful city where people are minding their own business. Merchants are seeling goods, the police is fighting the criminals, the criminals are doing their bad things and so on. But access to the Greenzone is resricted. You can’t enter without a greenzone passport (well actually you can, but you will get arrested if you get caught inside). On the border of it is a Refugee zone. It is a dump for all people who fled from the Red Zone. It is poor. It is dirty. It is unsafe. But it is guarded by the military, so is much safer then nothing. Most people want to enter the Greenzone, but not many can afford it.
The Red Zone is guarded by Black Watch. Black Watch don’t care about the internal problems, but they fight the infection. Most Black Watch soldiers, like in the game, are sadistic and unstable.
The Red Zone is pure hell, althought there are ways to enter it. If you really need to do so.

The atmosphere is very depressive, like in the game. An average citizen should always feel the need to filter the information. Everybody knows that mass media doesn’t tell the truth. The world is always divided into what authorities say and what actually exists.

There is Gen Tec that basically does what it did in the game.
The “Developed ones” - people like mercer - were planned to exist. I wanted to make special sweps for that.

  1. General mutation swep that allows a Developed one to hit much stronger with his hands and legs, consume living creatures, disguise, regenerate health, glide. Basically equals to default state of Prototype main characters.
  2. Special mutation swep. A blade or a hammerfist, very high health regeneration, a lot of armor. Would reveal the Developed Ones’ mutated state unlike the base swep. Might have infra-red or nightwision as an addition.

They are supposed to be balanced, so a Developed one would die from 4 headshots, and won’t be able to instantly kill people (most abilities are supposed to push people instead of hurting them too much).
Although I never got to make these SWEPs.

The possibilities (the why).

The idea of that RP is to bring any kind of RP’er what he wants. That schema combines Cider 2 and a zombie-apocalypse schema.
Want to fight zombies and do military RP? Join the military or Black Watch.
Want to be a barman? Go on, do it.
Want to be a corrupt policeman? A terorist? A wealthy prick? A whore? Go on.
Most people will be able to find their place in that setting.

The problem with passive rp being too boring gets solved too. If there is a town nearby you can always go try to talk to a girl, or just visit a park, or a shop. You get the idea.

I made a schema, but won’t be able to ever run it, so grab it if you want.

The schema + OA base (all plugins and extra stuff is installed)
The content pack (mostly severance content + cider 2 content + some faction and class models)

I would gladly see someone running it. I don’t care about credits or whatever. Hope I got you a little interested.

I’m downloading this to see how good is it. Doesn’t seem promising.
Now you CAN be Alex Mercer flying around and killing helpless citizens if you want to.

So my guesses have been true. This is just a poorly edited OA and is more broken than the original.

Missing content:
And yes, I did install it correctly.

Broken whitelists:
I somehow fixed it by demoting myself from superadmin to user(???)

Lua errors, broken admin functions, shitty cartoon overlay(why)

This is bad and you should feel bad.

The material is missing a vmt file. I forgot to add it.
I don’t get the color modify errors, hm.

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Also, hi from Euphe Jake.

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And basically, don’t expect to see 100 super new feautures.
The schema just has the needed factions, classes, items, a working business menu, 1 my plugin, 1 my unfinished plugin, plugins from OA plugins thread, some info in directory.

It is mostly about the idea. I want to see a server with such idea where all rp’ers can play the way they like. And play on that server sometimes.