Prototype Solo attack chopper e2's needed

I am in a WIP stage of this attack chopper and so far I’m quite proud of it let me know what you think if you want.
what this post is for is that I am in need of flight chips though i am going to probably use tibbles adv vtol e2 but if anyone is generous and capable or simply needs something to do i also need a helicopter hud e2 for the gun to know where its pointing, more of the position that its going to hit. I really don’t want to put those herp derped wire devices for their stupid beam :GRR: . please these chips are highly needed

Photos and possibly more info will come within the hour.

READ THIS :::: BTW i made this a separate thread because i am really posting this for the request of the e2’s and building methods

Take a look on

actually pictures are coing later

As a builder and coder, I strongly advise writting your own. No one knows your heli quite like you do. I wrote a chip comperable to tibbles (but more to my tastes) but i dont intend to release it unless theres some huge push for it. Thing is it was made specifically for my heli, and if I were to make a new heli, I would write an entirely new chip.

On top of that, I find it fun to write codes. If you write your own, you can understand what the variables stand for (unless you write it out, but it’s very annoying to do so), therefore, it’s easier to tweak. Making your own also teaches you more of coding, and along with it, independence from the builders to release their work.

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Also, your post needs more than two periods, and many more capitals.

Most of the codes I write that are also done by someone else seem to be simpleminded, and most of what I know is in e2 forces and I still need to learn the offset force and some other things to have that section learned. Though I’m waiting until I get out of school so I have more time on my hands to do e2.

and thanks Ninja I was writing this in the middle of some thing so it was kinda half-assed.

Watching you on a server, I could tell that you needed help validating something. I could always help you if you want, and I love teaching.