Proud of server admin

I gotta say, if you really want to win the hearts of your players admins, listion to them, every good ban you can push out (on a hacker) is a major victory. I have been playing this one server for 2 days and have built a really decent home with my friend, it averaged at around 70-ish players and everything was really smooth all day long… Until tonight.

Suddenly out of no where the server maxes, 200/200. It’s a slow familiar process, people try to group up, a few beat the others with stones, but usually everything stabilizes for a little while, and then about 20 mins later all goes to chaos. One hacker, then multiple hackers, until people, good people, good neighbors i knew, were obliterate by people they never even spoke to in the world. Then before long the whole chat seems to go nuts as an apparent aimbotter kills 10 players in one m4 mag as hes typing at an airdrop.

Needless to say, the server admin had to perform a task he had never done before, so he built a big house to keep him safe as he watched the chat and observed what was happening. I’d say he banned about 6 players in 15 mins. After that me and my bud logged off, we hope our stuff is still there in the morning.

Is he unaware of godmode? lol

He also has elected assistance to help him monitor the chat, he houses them as well in his large house

Godmode doesn’t allow you port a possible offender into your locked base and utilize it as a “prison”.

Ingenuity, it’s an amazing thing.

Lol what does godmode have to do with TP’ing people into a building? In fact, if you were making a prison to port potential hackers into, wouldn’t you WANT to have godmode on so they don’t kill you instantly?
Also, to FrostFire, that makes more sense to build a safehouse with other ppl there too. :slight_smile: