"Provide for Quarters Battle!"



nice chernobyl background.

The lighting fits perfectly but there are lots of patches of dodgy isolation, especially around the left hand and the rifle.

I don’t really like the masterkey shotgun thing or whatever it is.

^That is the Masterkey Shotgun.

And nice work. Where did you find this map?

it’s not map, just edit lol :stuck_out_tongue:

Boring but nice.

I started too see Chernobyl too often. Here, in the book I’m reading, in the last film I watched and in Stalker.There is something fishy going 'round here.

It sould be “Prepare for Close Quarters!”

His flip sights of his scar reminds of a mustache in perspective :stuck_out_tongue:
Should his thumb be place behind the clip doesn’t seem that much grip.

^ Dare Question the man-beard?

Nice edit, but the lighting seems to intense, But overall, It’s fuckin’ awesome! I can see no other flaw that I’d want to rage about.