Providing the DLL for Developers without Access to S&Box

I know this is a long shot because all of the implications that would be resulted from doing so, but it would it be possible for the Sandbox.Game dll I don’t know what the DLL is called but whatever contains the C# layer for addon development. The Developer wiki is good for sandbox but it doesn’t give a detailed listed of everything that is available to developers do so would be helpful for developers without access or developers to get started so. Maybe even providing a way to create addon projects without having game access. I understand why you might want to do this but if you could it would be pretty cool. Thanks.

EDIT1: While I’m dreaming the .pdbs would be helpful as well.


How about not being inpatient and just waiting for documentation to be written?
If you get early access then good for you, but otherwise just wait like everyone else.


You don’t have to be a prick I was just asking jesus.


3posts in a row makes you look like you’re begging. Maybe writing everything inside one post would’ve been better?


how does them making posts make them begger


Even if someone is providing an dll for you it will be useless as it changes like every 10-300 minutes because the game isnt even finished (and it would also be illegal to share anything from the game files)

i suggest to be patient until you got real access as the stuff you make or learn now from it will be broken in the next week anyways ^^

in case you wanna learn c# here are some resources which might be helpfull: