"Prowler" player model?

Okay this is another request by me this one should be less complicated too. Anyway my request is that if someone could make a “prowler” player model if you don’t know what it is go here:http://half-life.wikia.com/wiki/Prowler there is a model and ragdoll for it here: http://www.garrysmod.org/downloads/?a=view&id=73106 So can anyone make a player model out of that?

I doubt it’s rigged to the HL2 skeleton.

Tried it already, didn’t work.

Then someone would have to re-rig it.

How long would re-rigging it take? And who would be willing to do it?

It usually takes a while and i’ve also found that if the dimentions of the model are too far off that of the Valve Biped Skeleton the model may not be able to be rigged correctly very easily (or at all).

So someone may not be able to do it at all because you could accidently fuck up the skeleton? Or will it be bugged?

More that the model would be buggered than the skeleton:


(I still don’t know what the hell is wrong with that)

What the flying fuck is that? :geno:

That is a Deadpool ragdoll gone wrong!

That it is :S

Fuck…if we can’t do that unused model what can we use? (I already know there is a buggy cremator player model and a beta player model pack but it doesn’t have the prowler, alien assasain, combine guard, Combine Synth Soldier etc.)