PS2 Models

certain PS2 models i’ve been trying to figure out how to extract or rip are War Of The Monsters (preferably Preytor or Agamo), Urban Reign (Brad Hawk), The Getaway (Mark Hammond), Kinetica (any of the models really), or Monster Rancher (Suezo), (all are exclusively on PS2, except for 1 Monster Rancher game on DS and some on PS1) anyone willing to try any of these aswell?


I would take a look here

is there anyway to rip them with UV, because that’s another thing, i can never get them back to normal like others seem to be able to

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i guess i should have been more specific, i can rip the models with a plugin for PCSX2 and Texmod for textures, but the UV Maps are messed up, and also the textures are tinted Blue and i have no idea how to fix them to make them their original colors again