[PS3] Captain America Super Soldier Character Models

*All Character Models in .OBJ and textures in DDS










[https://www.mediafire.com/folder/6r7jqqxihr31d/Captain America Super Soldier](https://www.mediafire.com/folder/6r7jqqxihr31d/Captain America Super Soldier)[PS3]


shakotay2 for Hex2obj tool and Tribalizer for the *.DATA files from game.

Note: normal maps need correction,just swap red and green channel

oh nice models, saw these on your DA.

These are super awesome.

Oh my fucking god yesss

nazi robots hell yes in the face


Nice. Thank you for the awesome present. Btw can you share with us your Deviantart name?

How did you manage to get textures ?

Finally the wait is over!!! Luxox is a hero.

I’d rate this godawesomesness if there ever was one.

It’s under his profile picture.


Anytime man, if you ever need files from another game you’re interested in you know where to find me.

Thanks again for these, nothing like the gift of freedom on Christmas morning.

I’ve already rigged the second Cap model on the top row. I’ll be doing some more as well. I can post the rigged models in nif format as well as corrected normals in dds format. Just need time.

Dear Dragbody, could you rig up the Red Skull while you’re at it? Only if it’s not too much bother. Either way, merry Christmas to you all.

will you marry me

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If you could post that I’d probably love you forever.

dragbody that would be great…

What is everyone doing? Is anyone doing Bucky? Because I’m planning on doing Bucky and making flexes for SFM.

I’ll stop if anyone else is.

Just to be clear, I’m not rigging for gmod or sfm. I’m converting these for use in Fallout, but I will post the rigged models in nif format. It could save some time for those of you who know how to convert them.

I went about trying to make the textures of the Classic Captain America not so shit, if anyone wants, here’s a link.

Im gonna see if i can do the other two caps then too.