PS3 Godzilla Models

To get this out of the way, I have a request, I’d like someone to provide the new Ps3 Godzilla game’s models and particles. I understand I’ve already ported the MMD Unleashed models but carefully take a look below at this video.

or if the vid ain’t working, check the pics below

The graphics may not be next gen but the models are a big big step up from the Wii game.

As of right now, the demo is up on the PSN but you need a Japanese PSN account to download it (there are tutorials on how to make one on YouTube.) Just search for GODZILLA and it should appear. The main menu is in English, and apparently you can fight Mothra Larva, Imago (Adult) Mothra, the Smog Monster, Mechagodzilla 74 and King Ghidorah.

Much as i want to do it myself, I do not own a ps3. Nor do I have the skills to try and rip the models out. I will however, apperciate it if someone can do it, and I can try and work on them as I have with the MMD models. It’ll be rough, but I can certainly give it a try.

I second this. The game looks incredible, and it’d be great to have some rock solid Godzilla models out there. Hopefully someone can do it when it hits…

I’d love to have a high poly G14 model. I endorse it.

Again the demo is already out but since it’s a japanese exclusive, you need a Japanese PSN account

I would be interested in the Japanese Self Defense Force Models

Word on the street is the game is getting an american release in 2015, and playable on the PS4. Glorious, if only I had the console.


Another bump, I’m keeping my fingers crossed

I’d love to have these as well, especially the Heisei Godzilla.

Here’s a little trivia on the in game models:

Did you know?
The models used in the PS3 Godzilla game were all based from the S. H. Monsterarts Action Figure collection?

Now, I hope someone is able to get into the games files and extract the models.

Bumping this

Wow! Huge fan of Godzilla! Interestingly enough, Tohobis producing a new Japanese film for next year

Well, guess I post Godzilla Here for Month go:

Only Problem was lzs compressed files.

So this Impossible…

Not entirely true. There’s always a way to uncompress these things. But of course, this is a first step, thank you.

Long over due bump

I managed to extract DAE files of the models… but they’re LZS compressed and can’t be opened by any model editor/viewer.

Has anyone posted these on Xentax? Those guys tend to be onto this stuff pretty quickly there, too.

This is good news, make a mediafire of it Godzillaking and I’ll find a way for someone to look into em. There may be someone or something out there that can help.

Even then, it’s not DAE, it’s using the PhyreEngine “PSSG” format (the one that the XeNTaX guys just love to work with, sarcasm intended).

Well what about Ps4 format, the PS3 game isn’t being ported over to america, only the ps4 one. (Ps3 version however is up for digital purchase)