[PSA] Hex' SkidCheck (global banlist) is a thing and people actually use it

So Hex, our favourite psychopath apparently released a public ban list addon called Skid Check a while ago (in 2012, even on Facepunch). This was mentioned in the “Shit that gets you mad in Gmod” thread.

This is worth a PSA because we found out in that thread that

  1. He still updates it
  2. People actually use this addon, conned into thinking that this is good for their servers.
  3. He decided to ban me from my own gamemode with it. I’m not having it, so a cat and mouse game has started on whether that piece of malicious shit works in DarkRP.

Some notable people on this list:

About the last time we had a discussion on this:

Read this thread:

especially when the thought “But it’s the server owners’ choice to install the addon” pops up. That argument in particular has had some discussion already.

One amazing fact Hex’ thing and “autism awareness day” have in common is that Willox is on it :v:
Again, I will ask to look beyond the fact that Willox is on there. No one can be trusted with the power to decide who gets banned and who doesn’t on any server. Not even when the addon is installed voluntarily and not even when the author of the ban list is the god damn Dalai Lama, which hex definitely isn’t.

I joined his server because it looked like a pretty neat deathmatch from what I’ve seen in his videos, next thing I know I’m banned for having menu plugins, being in two random groups not related to cheating/hacking, and for having some binary modules I use to develop for my servers, I have no idea where he has file stealing or lua bypass from, this guy has lost his mind, especially with the fact that he has a fire bell go off in his house whenever someone “pops” it.

That first reported accident was me. I don’t even remember playing on that server, heck, I didn’t even own Garry’s Mod in 2010.

This ban reason gave me a few giggles, though:

tl;dr hex is insane and you are making his banlist addon break on darkrp
also people are retarded for using the addon in the first place

[“STEAM_0:0:67351803”] = “petersulc/Trick_Stabber, lua/darkv1.lua (dark scripts)”,
[“STEAM_0:1:92810736”] = “The Eagle/Diostravy/skysoed, using hacks (Dark scripts), Member of hack/troll group: propkillarmy”,
[“STEAM_0:1:45699289”] = “nullern/MarcusMus/Troll names, 2x VAC bans, using hacks (Dark scripts), Member of hack/troll group: BAN ME FOR ETERNITY”,
[“STEAM_0:0:121038730”] = “Crona/thegreatenate, VAC banned, Exploits, asking for hacks, using hacks (dark scripts)”

What is more scary is that more and more DarkRP servers seem to be using this addon, I have in count 3 encounters of this in the past month, one on a jailbreak server, and two on a DarkRP server, The time that on the jailbreak server happened we messaged a lot of people on steam who were on the known “skid checker” to join and like 8 sirens went off at once or something! Then we were banned…

Oh, I’m sure he’s doing black people a great favor by banning those racists. Now he just needs to add himself to the ban list for the same thing.

Seriously? Why use the term “nigger hater”? It seems like a oxymoron of intentions.

Here’s a similar addon:

Please ban malicious addons from the workshop.

I looked through the addon and found this

-- Hello, you have decompiled my ("lithium_") Player Blacklist Addon.
-- Reach me @ --> http://steamcommunity.com/id/lithium720/
-- It is recommended that you use the workshop version of this addon on your server (So this list is always up to date!).
-- That can be found here: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=281100082

if not SERVER then return end

-- Personal hated people (Crashes these people on join).
local FaggotList = {
"STEAM_0:0:26512517",		-- Chaze007				--> Got "bored" and abused admin + rdm.
"STEAM_0:1:61556602",		-- Tali 				--> Assosiated with Chaze007
"STEAM_0:1:52803456",		-- Dalapeno 			--> Part of the scandal listed above.
"STEAM_0:0:41867424",		-- Reedy 				--> Part of the scandal listed above.
"STEAM_0:1:61474438",		-- Maxim				--> Begging me to give him hacks.
"STEAM_0:0:68215628",		-- TheItalian1126		--> Kid called him self a "coder" but is really just a leech & full of himself.
"STEAM_0:0:76040152",		-- Pew_Pew_Pew			--> Kid has a lot of growing up to do.
"STEAM_0:0:60451520",		-- BogoAaGogo			--> Kid has a lot of growing up to do.
"STEAM_0:1:62988377",		-- Jorou				--> Kid has a lot of growing up to do.
"STEAM_0:0:9734875",		-- Bunny				--> Drama, Drama, Drama.
"STEAM_0:0:4005174",		-- Bunny's Alt			--> ^
"STEAM_0:1:41678606",		-- Snow / Art			--> Immature.

"STEAM_0:0:6513953",		-- Magnet				--> Made stupid comments when using admin powers in TF2 server.

-- [JIG] TTT Server
"STEAM_0:0:103925105",		-- SwagySanta			--> Used the RCON password given by haris to give himself SuperAdmin.
"STEAM_0:0:73931184",		-- haris				--> Gave out the RCON password of [JIG]'s server.
"STEAM_0:1:103984731",		-- Kektop				--> Was unbanned by SwagySanta.
"STEAM_0:0:59121841",		-- Swag King			--> Was unbanned by SwagySanta.
"STEAM_0:1:44532497",		-- GreenGold			--> Admited to (D)DoSing the [JIG] TTT Server.
"STEAM_0:0:92576344",		-- [DH]Dark				--> Admited to (D)DoSing the [JIG] TTT Server

-- Table of players that were caught cheating (Kicks these people on join).
local CheaterList = {
-- Lithium's TTT Server

It then goes on to show a list of steamId’s with no reasons. This could be used maliciously to ban someone the person who made this doesn’t like. ““STEAM_0:1:41678606”, – Snow / Art --> Immature.” People can be put on the list for being “immature” or having “a lot of growing up to do”, unless they have a real cheating reason that isn’t specified then they are misleading people into using the addon under the misconception it is stopping cheaters. Of course there are probably lots of people who have cheatede on his server is there I am not denying that but having a personal “hate” list and putting people on there for cheating even though they just RDmed or something that is misleading plain and simple.

I would think that it is immature to think that a person needs to be removed from all servers, save for the official VAC/Garry bans.

Why the fuck am I on the list?

I don’t even know the guy.

This list is an absolute goldmine. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone be so insecure.

Oh cmon, anyone who even has a remote idea of who Serverwatch is knows only one of those ban reasons is legitimate. Propkilling is literally all you do and talk about.

It’s not a reason to ban people.
So there are propkill servers where it is allowed,

How is that bannable?

I’m not arguing whether or not it’s a good ban reason, sorry if I wasn’t clear. What I was saying was that it was the only reason that wasn’t a complete fallacy.

It’s fine. I understand now haha.

this looks extremely fun


i don’t even play gmod, so he’d have to go out of his way to add me to this list, nice.

[“STEAM_0:0:17809124”] = “malicious user, racist scum, and overall plague to GMod”
the only ID that should be on the list

edit: just noticed going through the logs that he bans people for ‘troll names’ lol

He pushed an update to the github like an hour ago.

18:18 - Alv~: HAC didn’t even pick my cheat up, the only reason he knew i was cheating was because of how the screenshot system in gmod works he saw the d3d9 ESP i had, which resulted in a manual banned. i also helped him by giving him more of my IDs, but he still has me mixed up with some guy that isn’t me, i’ve told him how to correct it several times and he always got a sarcastic bullshit attitude with me