[PSA] New Source Engine Exploit Hack (06/09/15)

This just came up in my subs this morning:


I’m unaware if this affects GMod, but apparently it affects CSS.

The video doesn’t explain how it works or anything but just acts as a warning like this.

setting cl_allowupload and cl_allowdownload to 0 will not stop your client from downloading files a server attempts to send you

It affects GMod, but unlike CS:S, FastDL isn’t Convar dependant. I believe the Source DDoS packet issue does affect GMod as well.

I think all Source games are effected by this besides like TF2 and maybe CSGO. As only the more updated Source games have the patch installed, because the rest are based off of the Source Base 2013 depot on the GitHub, since every Source game (besides TF2, CS:GO, and to a point L4D2) haven’t been updated since 2013.

yeah tf2 actually fixed this in 2014

this affects gmod too? aw man

I’m not sure if I’ve fully understood this yet, but couldn’t this potentially affect the Workshop if addons were deliberately uploaded/updated with malicious .vtf files or is the problem only present in how sprays are set up to work?

Any texture


I can’t really take serious vnn

what does psa stand for

public service announcement

It’s depressing that hackers only use this stuff for malicious stuff. I wish someone one of these days do another cough exploit or have something setup where a War of The Servers type scenario happens with tripods randomly appearing and shooting lasers at people no matter the gamemode they are on.

I sorta did that, i made a backdoor that can simulate an artillery strike on the server, basically exploding the shit out of everything
It was truly glorious when used in darkrp

His voice is really annoying