PSA: Rust is currently down

Playrust on twitter tweeted that the servers will go down today. For an hour to a day.

Playrust currently offline for me.

For me too ;/

Seems like it will be up tomorrow (hopefully) :wink:

There are seriously already a ton of these threads. Why make another?

This was 7 hours ago. I was the first one to make a thread about it.

Ah, you’re right. Sorry. There’s a huge abundance of silly posts going on.

When is there not in this sub-forum.

Yeah, but with the servers being down, it’s even moreso. Less key begging though, just more stupid posts and images.

Hope it has shit load of bug patches and things in game wen its back up.

Probably will increase server stability and they will give more keys

Thats exactly what i think!

Doubt they will give any new keys.

I managed to find my way onto this page, but of course the game won’t load. :v:

New stats at the bottom, or did it always show those? I just remember seeing users online before.

Hey look! A news post…

Damnit, I got it too! Excited for nothin’

I was about to post that too, but I wasn’t sure if it was new because I haven’t been paying much attention.

2, coming on 3 years of playtime already? Wow.

Looks like there is also a fullscreen button now. :wink:

But it was possible already possible to go to fullscreen from the settings :confused:

At minimum U.S. wage (and the average for Rust players should be above that) this amounts to $175.216,25 in productive time wasted while playing Rust. Garry Newman, destroying the world’s productivity hour by hour.