PSA Rust Z server is full of abuse and hax

RustZ server is full of abusive admins, and their friends who run rampantly around the map with hacks.

They got that cheater guy frankie from DAYZ on their and they do whatever they need to do to have this guy shoot a youtube video.

Stay away from this server RUSTZ

They wipe by accident they say, They condone their friends cheating, Also abuse their powers to cater to youtube video makers.

Good day

(User was banned for this post ("crap thread, missed the servers subforum" - postal))

As I’m sure you’ll see on other threads the advice is to just move onto another server.

Yea man I am not worried about myself, but the newer guys who go to play on their first server should know this will leave a very bad taste in their mouth/possibly bad enough to not try again.

It’s been said around here several times we should really contain these reports in one place - maybe on a database where evidence can be posted / votes made etc. You are right - it’s possible for new players to stop playing entirely as they may feel it represents the majority of servers available.

You cant allow cheating unless the server has no anticheat. I think the word you are looking for is admin abuse?

stop hating :< i love it when the admins teleport me around and give me stuff just because they like me.
actually pretty funny once they teleported all ppl with rocks outside some clans base and we were running around 30+ naked dudes being annoying lol

also while on the topic the UK top server ( not official ) has admins banning people for killing them and spawning c4 for themselves + teleporting around etc. :wink:

The server is owned by FrankieOnPCin1080p and Feinter.
there are allot of very skilled players playing on this server, most of them either make youtube videos or livestreams while playing. the reason people you call “hackers” are not banned are because they are not, and simply saying “dis guy haz aimbots hurrdurr” is not enough for a ban.

The abuse and shy eye toward hacking on this server is up there… Ive played on ALOT of servers and against some crack shots… say what u will we all have our opinion… and we all formulate them in our own ways… Some people just tend to grab theirs out of thin air… MAGIC