PSA: The Key System and Why You Shouldn't Complain

Elix and I have answered this countless times. This post isn’t to be annoying, a dick, or a troll; I know everybody has other things to do in life than read dev posts. I hope this will ease your minds a bit about the future of Rust:

In that dev post, if you scroll down to where it says: “Locks on Doors” it says specifically:

“This is something I wanted to add in particular because the lock system is modular. We’re going to add different types of locks eventually… and they should have different models and different interactions. This is part of that.”

Also, one that is more in-depth actually occurred several weeks before this in Dev Blog 21, which can be found here:

In the “Keys” section, this goes more into the future of the key system and the thought behind it. In case you just want to read this here, the link is for citation purposes.

First Section:

" This is a bit of a divergence from the legacy version. Nothing is owned. Doors don’t belong to you just because you place them. They don’t know you are their owner.
So any door that isn’t locked can generate a key. Go up to it, press use, select create key. You will then lose some wood and 60 seconds later you’ll have a key in your inventory. You can now lock that door. Once the door is locked you can only unlock it with your key, or any other keys that have been made from it. You can give a key to a friend, or hide one for safe keeping. If someone kills you and loots your key, they will be able to open your door."

After the video demo (bolded the part that people who want combination locks and such should read)

"There’s three important points to this system. Firstly… it’s emergent, it’s what we’ve been trying to do in Rust from the start. Give you the tools to make the game yourself. Why does your house belong to you? Because you built it? Because you have the key? What happens when you don’t have the key – is it still your house? Should people be able to steal your house, in the same way that they steal from your corpse? Of course they should.

Secondly… we’re not getting rid of password locks, number locks, fingerprint scanners. Those will come later. It’s an evolutionary thing. Eventually you’ll be able to upgrade to these systems, at a cost.

Thirdly – it’s a process. It’s not set in stone. If it’s exploitable in some way that ruins the game we’ll look at it and we’ll evaluate whether we need to fix it, and if so, what the best way to do that is. A lot of potential problems with this system are gameplay problems that the player should solve themselves, but I can imagine some scenarios we might have to cater for. We might have to make it so you can ‘remove’ a lock from a door for example, so no keys can ever be made, and it can never be locked. This is all part of the process."

The system is not flawed; it just isn’t finished yet. Even if games aren’t really a passion of yours and something you do on the side, please do your research before complaining/attacking the devs. Thank you for you time.

“Should people be able to steal your house, in the same way that they steal from your corpse? Of course they should.”

I disagree. This is a video game. If you make it too hard core you will lose a majority of your fan base because it will just be too hard to play.

Also I get that it’s in progress, but we the players shouldn’t have to put up with a broken system while you figure out how to fix it. Use the old door code system (because that worked just fine) until you can make it not suck.

How do you know? What research do you have to back this statement up?

Here is a really interesting article on the subject.

do i really need to show research for something that’s self evident? that would be like me needing to take a poll and see if other people see the sky as blue as well as myself.

having a functioning brain is really the only prerequisite to understanding something like this. If you really need something more persuasive, go play dwarf fortress and let me know how that turned out.

How is it self evident? I see many people for and many people against the current system. I can actually show evidence that the population hasn’t taken any hit due to the key system being added. On the contrary I can show you populations are rising.

That is one of the most ridiculous and childish things I have heard as a counter argument in a while, thanks.

Heh… no matter where you go these people still imagine they are playing a normal game… and not actually playing a alpha…
New key system rolls in barebones… everyone without common sense moans about it. Well of course it’s terrible… it’s only the first level of the locking mechanism… Just like all the other modules that have their own building levels so will the lock.
Stop playing the alpha if you can’t take the heat in the kitchen.

i wonder if facepunch would be pissed if we modded old style doors, lock when you build, owner can open them, and /share <playername> for others to open.

Seems to me it’s just feedback.

Something in the “experimental” game is not good, not fun or not working. People tell FP that. They make it better.

Nothing is wrong with people telling FP what is wrong with the current version, or that it is not fun. Are people really “attacking the devs”, or are they just saying the key system is not good as it is now?

Well his feedback is that they shouldn’t complain. Personally, I like the keys. Quick looting from live players (pick pocketing) and opening the door is the only issue I have.

The problem is that keys require you to play the game differently.

Almost every key thread I see can be summed up as “give us the old system back”. I see complaints about how keys interfere with their playstyle, and experimental is what has to change, not them.

That’s not feedback, that’s resisting change.

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Today’s devblog and update contain bug fixes, including looting through doors. The looting awake players is imbalanced, but it’s a bug garry decided to keep to see what kind of gameplay it creates. A final version would be more balanced.

Actually it is just players saying this new system is not good. No matter how you try to present it, different players over and over are saying this is not a good system in its current state. And, I agree it is still a work in progress.

It doesn’t mean they have to abandon the key system. But let people say the system is bad if it is bad. Garry wants feedback from players. Let him post if he doesn’t want the feedback any more.

No offence but the whole system is screwed. You may think in hind site that it would be cool but if you have actually played the game it completely wrecks the gameplay. This process is too realistic and you know what other game was trying too hard to be realistic, DayZ Standalone, and look what has happened to it.

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The population hasn’t taken a hit… well that statement is wrong.

It hasn’t changed too dramatically in the last two months, really, compared to the trend.

Now, I’d like to see you pin the blame entirely on the key system, and not the technical problems (like this guy). The burden of proving your argument is on you.

The most important thing with the key system is to have a chance to change the lock.

I think it is perfectly fine to carry a key with you as long as you can change the lock when you lose your other key.
Right now, i have a level 6 door, if i would lose my key then i would have to build another door in front of the old one. Because two hours whacking my door down is… absurd?

So for the key/lock system, i see this thing first priority.
Whatever about other key mechanisms! We’re back to Stone Age! WTF fingerprints?

A second priority for the key system is to have a key which can fit multiple doors.
Less security, more accessibility – It’s your call.

After these have been developed the key/lock system would be pretty much perfect.
Keep it real, keep it simple.

PS. I don’t understand why people are flaming so much about the key system.

I dont think thats what people are saying.

Probably “This DOOR is mine forever, because i built the door” would be a more correct statement.

There’s still nothing stopping you smashing the door in, and creating your own door in its place.

Personally I don’t mind the key system when it is used correctly, but the current way it is in the game is unrealistic. Having a key for every door in your home is silly, even a keyring would not fix this issue.

I feel the tier 1 lock should be a simple latch locked from the inside and the key should be tier 2. You would only essentially need a key for your front door. This would still allow you to lock all your internal doors, but without needing a key for all of them and they can only be opened from the inside.

I think your home should always be more vulnerable when you are not home and having doors inside that only lock from one side, keeps that vulnerability. If you had someones key and they aren’t home, you get access to pretty much everything, unless they have put keys on other doors, in which case you probably have the key from killing them earlier. But when you are home and go offline, you lock things down, which is what any sensible person does realistically.

The problem is, as most people who has been involved in the development of online games will know, that only a very small percentage of the players will ever visit the forums to provide feedback, and of those that do nearly all are your more “hardcore” players.

I would suspect that your more casual (or less hardcore) probably would be put off by making it such a high risk system. But ultimately that’s for Gary and the team to decide :slight_smile:

Change is all well and good if its for the better. But what you’re saying is, since the key system has been out for a little while, nobody is allowed to criticise it at all and if they do its because they cant adapt? People are allowed to have opinions, and the poll thread is pretty unanimous

Just because there may be evolution of the door locking system, doesnt mean that the initial door locking system isnt utterly abysmal tho.

Perhaps they do want doors to not be owned by anyone, but that simply isnt fun.

Maybe Rust isn’t the game for you, if you disagree with this.

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Also, I basically quoted what’s in the thread OP, just bolded the parts that matter.