[PSA] tips for a good build server

just some tips for people making build servers.

-dont blacklist props
-set ludicrously high limits
-dont have music playing on loading screen
-forbid anyone under the age of 16 from playing
-have wiremod/pewpew/advanced dupe 2/acf/prop protection
-make sure the admins/mods actually have a pair of balls
-do not have the map as gm_flatgrass
-do not have the map as gm_construct
-do not have rules and definitly do not have the last rule as “have fun”

have fun!

So people can spam those giant props which have no purpose in building?

Which is impossible unless you try to guess the age of the voice if the play ever uses voice chat.

While many servers go full nazi (:fp:) on the rules, some rules are necessary to make sure players know what is acceptable on the server.

From looking at your posts there is no way you are over 16.

doncha just luv dem forums?

(User was banned for this post ("Shitpost" - Craptasket))

The underage stigma should really be replaced with a maturity lineage. I know 15-year-olds that are much more mature than me; people mature and change at extremely different points in their lives; an age boundry contradicts that.

Are you serverwatch?

Sadly a necessary evil. Certain props have little to no purpose other than to attempt to crash servers. The big bridge models, for example.

Both? Seems weird to have both at the same time.