PSA to Admins of popular servers

Or any server for that matter. Please, please find a way to let your player base know when you make changes to the server. A website, forum, or automated chat message would be just fine. Here’s why this needs to happen…

A few friends and myself enjoy playing on servers with no fall damage. Jumping from cliff to cliff down the mountain is really fun and it’s easier to traverse the map if you don’t have broken legs. Our favorite server had NO fall damage for nearly 3 days that we played on it. In that time we managed to build a proper base, gets weapons, gear, etc. So we get on today planning to go out and loot/raid whatever we can find. We head out with a few guns, med kits, kevlar, etc. and before we could warn one another…BAM…we all die from fall damage. Apparently the settings were changed in the 6 hour period nobody was online. That’s fine, but we wish we knew it had happened.

Our gear ended up falling in spots inaccessible while fall damage was enabled. We told the admins what happened and they just turned away. We still have some gear left but we lost A LOT of it and that sucked. So admins, please find a way to communicate the server changes to your players. Inversely, users be sure to check everything is the same as the last time you logged in. Craft something small, ask an admin or fellow players in chat, run off of a cliff naked.

So I think that’s about it. Have fun guys!

The fall damage was to prevent the fall damage hack we had before today’s patch.

Yeah, that’s fine. No problem with that, I understand why. I’m just trying to address the way your inform the guys and gals on your server(s).

It’s tough. If the server is modded with rust++ or oxide or what not, it can be added to the motd, in game messages or what not, but all depends on if you see the message before you fall :slight_smile: If it is an unmodded server, not sure how you would get informed apart from an admin constantly spamming it in chat or announce.