Pseudo leak Combine soldier

This is my first release I hope you guys enjoy it. This is a hexed skin for the standard Combine soldier that makes him have the armor from the leak, but with two differences. Instead of the yellow underarmor he is wearing white (like in retail) and the insignia on the back has been removed.

Images in link.

This is pretty much what a lot of people want from the leak combine changed.

Good work.


Working on a zombine skin if anybody would like that.

This has been done before. Several times if I recall.

Hell I think anyone who has toyed with leak stuff has probably done this simple edit and deemed it not worth releasing.

I have never seen it done before.

Hence him saying that it isn’t worth releasing. It doesn’t look bad, it just doesn’t deserve it’s own thread.

I’ve done something like this back when i first started skinning, i didn’t remove the stuff off the back, though.

The Zombine is a nice addition, though. You should release that.

Friend has to fix it up for me then I will

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Oh well.