Pseudodog says, NOMNOMNOM!

Some of the most terrible gore editing i’ve ever seen…
And you didn’t zoom the camera in.

You’re the winner! :downsbravo:

Still, the gore looks like a bunch of Jello.

Yes…I’m sorry. :saddowns:

It’s alright :slight_smile: There is always room for improvement.

No editing is even worse than a bad editing. Who’s the winner now :v

You just threw that ragdoll on the floor , put some limbs on it and then what do you expect ? WOWSH MASTERPIECE?

There’s a thread for those pictures you know?

Seems someone woke up on the wrong side today.

I actually did but you gotta admit this picture doesn’t deserve it’s own thread. That’s all.

you could ATLEAST fix the edges on the left side of the pseudodog…

I dont blame you for trying to use that as blood/organs, at least u didn’t made a horrible edited wound and covered the whole picture with 2D blood brushes.

You could always try to blend some body parts from the zombies of L4D, or using the half-life zombie chest, or dunno, editing those kind of things its not entirely necessary.

Keep going!

This is horrible.

This could’ve been good… if you’d spent more than two minutes on it. Unfortunately you didn’t, so it’s pretty bad. Once you get an idea, actually stick with it rather than try shit out a picture as quickly as possible. Also, learn to take criticism rather than childishly get all passive-aggressive via dumb shit like the ratings system of all things.

There are no words to describe just how horribly wrong you are.

Amazing job with the AA. Especially with the branches in the top of the image.

But seriously, to get proper AA, you gotta use super sample anti aliasing, instead of that multi sampling that you’re using.
Other than that, it’s not looking too great. I think others have said what else needs to look better.

But keep it up. You’ll get better the more you try :slight_smile: