psi-ops mp1 to hl2

Help me guys im making model called mp1 from is some pics:

and and my remake look like this:

so please help me!im realy want to make it more look like from the psi-ops.

i’m not seeing any pictures…

sorry a little problem come back a few minutes later

I played the game, fun, arcade like, poor sfx, and crappy graphics. Still would be nice to pose with the models!

ya i know, i realy enjoy these models if they were on garrysmod

and there already ragdolls, yaay…wait…we can now port scorpion threw psi ops




so can someone make this real please :slight_smile: and s.n. what do you mean?

Great game, great idea. Can’t say as much about the model.

Thanks :slight_smile:

The vest and helmet could definetly use some work.

I hated that game.
But that would be an epic model.

if you can port from psi ops, you could port the scorpion model from it

from mortal kombat, called a loophole

so you gonna work on it? im will be happy if you do it.

hello, anyone?

i would do it if i could model, or port…i love psi ops

then try both ok

but i cant…atleast right now anyway

no psi ops on my computer
my computers hard drive is shot

i would do it, possibly as a skin of an existing model…but i cant right now


he isnt porting he is remaking so ill rate you bad reading.

I’m not sure what is going on here. He says that he is remaking it, but asks for help in the request thread. Does that mean that someone else should make it?