psi ops the mindgate conspiracy ragdolls

hey guys i was wonderin if someone could port rip rig and all that the models from mingate conspiracy see here i just want the meat puppets and edgar berret and the general and lastly the un soldier pics
meat puppets:

edgar berret:

the general:no pics found for him
un soldier:no pics found
you guys will have to find a pic for the last two thx guys

the meat puppets look awesome i support this!

i know they’re my favorite caracters

It’s also only a PS2 game isn’t it?
Doesn’t that mean it isn’t portable?
(Much as I want to mock this game in Gmod for its crappy ending)

Xbox, Ps2 and Computer

entirely portable

The game was free on Fileplanet a while back. I don’t know if it still is.

it is

Wow I had no Idea it was on Comp’
Huh, could be cool to see though.

Well Im still hoping that someone can do this for me it’s free and everything it runs on direct x 9 so you can use 3d ripper dx please guys.

Oh dear god, I second this.

Fucking nostalgia.

I know right and it is completely ripable please for the love of old games someone fufill this.

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I really want these guys and the general:

I support too.


Well well who is this handsome motherfucker


P.S Edgar Berret and The General comming soon.

Guys this is looking to be a well impossible job for in 3d ripper dx rips it fails and makes the mesh all wonky when you try to move any parts and the arem is streched will anyone port this?!?!?!?