[PSP] Black Rock Shooter: The Game

I’ve been looking for a rip of Black Rock Shooter but never to any avail. I realize PSP model ripping is pretty touchy too.

I know there’s already a fan-made version, but that model has a very puffed face that doesn’t suit the character.

I don’t really have high hopes for this one.



I remeber have seen a model of it. I think you could get it from Obsidian Conflict’s forums.

Obsidian Conflict’s model is the very one I mentioned. The faces on those models just don’t sit right with me. Also That model is of the original look for Black Rock Shooter, I’m looking for the game’s version shown above.

Not gonna happen is it?

Well the quality of models and textures from PSP games seem varied at best… I would like to see more rips from PSP games, though. I dont know how the ripping process goes, however.


Here you go!

that’s not taken from the psp game it’s the one xeno made…

Do you read? Or even look at the images?
I have already said that’s not what I’m looking for.

Its probably the best you’re going to get since a lot of the users here on Facepunch hate anime-related content for Gmod (When in fact its better than some of the My Little Pony Bullshit).

Whoa, whoa, whoa. Let’s calm it down a bit. Anything that hits this community should be at least looked at for it’s possible usefulness, regardless it’s subjective enjoyment to the individual.

I might not be the biggest military gun fanatic (god that’s an understatement) - but those ports serve a definite purpose and I respect those that put the effort into releasing (and in turn, respect the people that use) them, regardless of my own tastes. The same goes for anime and/or pony related models, vehicles, hats, maps, tools, etc.

couldn’t have put it any better, if only the dumb bandwagon or jump to conclusion trolls knew this… any ways, seeing how people have ported project diva models to mmd, chances are, someone got these into mmd, which means i can get em into gmod. can one of you rummage the internet to see if someone already ported these psp models? if no one has, then we’ll probably have to look high and low for anyone who knows how to rip psp models

how dare you said my model is puffed face!

me cry!

sob sob

I couldnt agree more.
Well there’s been rips from Dissidia: Final Fantasy and its sequel. They have optional high poly models though, I think? I dont at all expect all games to have that option… but it does show that there is a way to get the models. Isnt there a guide for it somewhere on facepunch?

I’m not trying to be a troll or anything, its just that a lot of anime-related model requests are shot down. I’ve made a few in the pasts and they always got ignored or shot down.

actually i’ve been fulfuilling a lot of them lateley, anything you want in the 3rd misc pack by chance?

My apologies, but I’ve always envisioned the character to have a sharper face as to reflect the seriousness that the character has. I realize that it’s just your style of modeling, but when I look at it I find her more along the lines of cute rather than serious.

For those who would tell me to just make my own model. Trust me I’ve tried, and oh the monstrosity I’ve created.

As much as I want to say that there is a way to get it, I figure that because there isn’t, it means that the game may use different encryptions and model formats that would require completely new scripts to be made. Maybe it’ll get more attention when the localization comes.

Not at the moment, but if I do I’ll PM you.

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Sometimes cute characters work, but it depends on what you’re going to use it for like videos, pictures, etc.