PSX console model?

I’d love to see this happen. I’ve search and workshop but I could find only PS2 and PS3. PSX game case would be appreciated too if anyone wants to do that. (sorry for possible grammar mistakes, I’m Polish :P)

never saw a ps1 controler (cant you simply recolor ps2 controller since its almost the same controller)
and PSX is not PS1

Once again the same error I made I feel so stupid now… though one of them would do. And you’re right about recoloring too.

btw thanks for reply

The PS1/PSX dual-shock analog controller is slightly smaller than the PS2 variation of the controller and has a slightly longer grip on both sides, but the design is essentially the same. Also, the PS1 and PSX are two somewhat different consoles - the only real difference is that the PS1 is/was considered a smaller version of the console, which was released at around the same time as the PS2, while the PSX is/was the original (and larger) version that was originally just released under the name of PlayStation (it wasn’t called the PSX until after the PS2’s release as far as I can remember). I still have the consoles and their original controllers stored away in a closet, so I might be able to dig them up (assuming I don’t have an avalanche of stuff crush me in the process).