PSX/N64 Ripping?


Good luck to you sir, Maps from any of those games would be absolutely glorious.

You should go to the Wii+N64 models thread. Tilliole and some other modelers can give you a little insight on what to do when it comes to ripping and stuff.

Also this webstie should help.

Just click on the pictures to find what models you need to get.

Some models from Ocarina of Time are already ripped, however it’s not all of the models.

n64? very simple: use the 1964emulator together with lemmys plugin activated.
Start the game and goto the scene you want to export. With the plugin activated the scenery will be exported as a .vrml file.
Then just open it with an 3d program that is able to import .vrml like blender does.
Delete every junk you dont wanna have and export it to any suitable format you like.

Keep us informated about progress

finally someone who wants to rip from a psx game, well i don’t think theres any ps1 emulators that uses directx. but there is one that has an opengl plugin that actually makes the models 3D not like static images.

About PSX model ripping, I posted a good explaination about the options here.
And I posted a PSX texture ripping method using 3D Ripper DX here.

If you have any luck with capturing models from Crash Bandicoot 3 in particular, do say so. In my situation I can not try my own method, and I was looking for a way to obtain Crash’s model from that game.