PsyberGaming Game Servers - $0.60/slot - Summer Blast 2010

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[li]We have just released our new location: New York!
[/li][li]Offering free/low cost web hosting with every order!
[/li][li]Now offering Psyber Dedicated Servers
[/li][li]Now offering ARMA 2 game servers
[/li][li]Now offering Premium Server Management Contact for more info.

1st off, feel free to use the coupon “SUMMERBLAST” to receive 40% off recurring on your order!

Get Garry’s Mod Servers at the amazing price of $0.60/slot, where else can you get this amazing deal!

**2nd we would like to offer our $25 1000 FPS special to everybody! Web hosting included free with every paid order. Locations Available are Chicago, Dallas, and New York. (La coming soon)
**(Please note that Atlanta is not available for this special.)

Dedicated Deal of the Summer
Core2Quad Q6600
4GB DDRII Memory
250GB HD
2000GB Premium BW
100MBit Port
13 Usable IP
Available Locations: Chicago, Dallas, San Jose, New York

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We also have dual quad servers available upon further contact.

Please Note
[li] Coupon “summerblast” excludes any voice server, game server PACKAGE, and dedicated server deals
[/li][li] We are one of many premier game server providers that offer low prices for quality game servers
[/li][li] Premium Server Management is only for DEDICATED SERVERS and not for game servers

Still Not Convinced?
Read our review @ GSPRating
We offer a 3 Day Money Back Guarantee with ANY game server
We provide help and support with any 3rd party addon, map, etc.

Switching from another Game Server Provider?

Contact us and we will provide you with 50% off your current invoice recurring and 2nd month ABSOLUTELY FREE!


It’s not possible to get any sort of profit from $0.60/slot on Garry’s Mod without severely overpopulating your servers. How are you affording something like that?

What’s so premium about it?


Ohhh I get it, you’re doing the old ‘we’re gonna advertise the price AFTER the deal’ advertising maneuver so you trick people into thinking they’re gonna get 0.60/slot + 40% off.


  1. Dual Harpertown Servers with 12gb of Ram - Initial costs are high, but we can put a lot of servers on one box.

  2. What’s so premium about it? - We use DediDirect, one of the best providers for GSPs period. If you don’t believe me, they are the ONLY provider made for GSPs in the nation with 100% uptime SLA, and they use the BEST datacenters in the country. If you can show me a better datacenter in those respective locations, be my guest. If you know what Internap, Level3, Nlayer is, then you know that DediDirect is one of the few providers which provides all 3 of these amazing Internet providers within their premium blend of bandwidth. Think other GSP’s got that? I can guarantee that other providers will have a lower tier provider such as Cogent, Comcast, or Hurricane Electric. We have personally dealt with these lower tier providers before, and we don’t feel its worth it saving the money and providing an inferior product.

  3. I think that $0.60/slot after discount is a fine price. I don’t think people would expect 40% off $0.60 unless you are extremely cheap. I think it is fairly clear that regular prices are $1.00/slot and that the discount lets you get 40% off. If you think that is false advertising, then please tell that to every other business who shows pricing after the coupon.

  4. If you have any further questions don’t hesitate to ask. Please don’t be trolling though.

Trolling is always going to happen on these forums… its the nature of facepunch sadly.

On Topic:
Psyber Gaming is a great host. Pretty cheap, very little lag, and great support. I suggest going with them.


Woah. You can get a 40 slot gmod server with high CPU for only $27! :smiley:

Thanks for the kind words RedX

Can u give me some test GMOD server ips?

Sorry, but 8 physical 2.8Ghz cores will not hold more than 16 servers, without performance starting to degrade.

So, roughly 240 slots, so $144/m

The box will cost you more than that.


He’s right. This isn’t CS:S.

But then again, it does depend on how many idle servers you get.

I can give you are two basic demo servers:
Dallas -
Chicago -

Again I repeat, please no trolling or off-topic discussions. If you want to calculate the viability of server hosting, go to SRCDS forum’s business section @ in order to discuss this.

If you’re going to advertise on our forums, just like everyone else, you damn well better expect us to criticize and question. I haven’t seen any trolling nor anything off-topic. How saturated your servers are is perfectly on topic.

Brocko and I know what we are talking about because we run our own web/GSP services, so we aren’t ‘calculating’ anything.

Thanks for the bump!

You’ve got a terrible attitude, really.

You’re an idiot.

I concur.

It’s seems like a ponzi scheme structure. Eventually, it’s going to fail; when? But adding, Brocko, JWJ, and myself both have years of experience in the industry. Take our word for it. Maybe it’s working for you now, but will fail down the road.

In addition, I’m failing to find a business license for this so called LLC.
Looking at your domain being registered in Florida, they are showing absolutely no record of you. Care to explain?

Very bad host laggy saggy servers…are they on dial up? This dude failz i swear kidz these days trying to make companies wtf?

Did you make a account just to say that? You could at least learn to spell if your going to flame.

Agreed. Even I can see that, and I’ve only got hosting experience from around this time last year - not even running a company - just having a box and several gameservers.

tl;dr: This “company” is going to fail.

He could own his dedi’s but… that is some shit profit

Colo hosting isn’t all that much cheaper than renting, in most places.

Yes, this is generally true. But compared to places like limestone colocation is generally much cheaper.

Plus the datacenters that provide dedicated servers for $50 are generally not that reliable in the long run.