So what is the gamemode?

You now have Psycho kinetic powers and can pick up and throw things with your mind. The only problem is that other people on the map can do this as well. You want to be the best so what do you do? The only reasonable thing, you use your powers to kill them. Pick up and throw props at each other, who ever has the most kills in 5 minutes wins.

First Single Person Test

First Multi Player Test


Started FacePunch Thread

If you would like to help test or have ideas contact me.

Steam: Faceguydb
Skype: Pbj2234

Skype is the best way, then steam, then email.

Also I if you have a fretta server and would like to help test that would be amazing.


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|eF| Silon [ƒcƒc]

so its a prop deatchmath?

Woo, this sounds so exciting. I cant wait to PhysObj.ApplyForceCenter() some props. Why did you waste your time making a gamemode out of this? All you need is gravity guns and a prop-filled map, Same damn thing.


Grav gun is limited and slower and its using AddVelocity(). My first gamemode so I’m not going to break out into some incredibly hard idea to learn the ropes. I realize it’s simple.

I’d be willing to host this on my fretta server, shoot me a PM.

That would be great.

So it’s like TTT Maneto stick, but on crack?
I’m interested.

this looks cool, i will download and i have some ideas to improve

Not bad ,some custom sounds and anims and i would download it
@Anthophobian: its his first gamemode ,and as i found out ,the simple things are mostly the greatest ,dont be so rude

I put up a download of a stable version. Feedback would be great.

Umm thats 9/10th’s bro garry already made a mod and a game out of that just with the grav gun

I’ve put it on my fretta server:

My Opinion:
When I tested it just now the gamemode seemed cool but it felt like it was missing something, I’m not sure what it is atm its just that the gamemode seems pretty basic as it is right now. It should be interesting to see what you do with it :stuck_out_tongue:

General Server Opinion:
There was a mixed reaction to the gamemode in my server, some people thought it was amazing and had alot of fun playing it whereas others just said it was shit and voted for a gamemode change after 10 seconds.

Lets see all I can think of is:

[li]Looking into sound effects+bg music?[/li][li]Maybe power ups or something similar?[/li][li]messages for double kill/multi kill/monster kill etc?[/li][/ul]
I’m sorry I can’t think of any non-generic ideas atm xD

I have seen the same kind of either I hate it or I love it reaction. I though giving the props a temp short smoke trail would be cool and idk what to do for bg music. I’m not going to get far enough in to this gamemode to do powerups but double kills ect. idea isn’t bad.

I appreciate the constructive feedback.

Well I think it would be interesting to see you try something like this:

  • A Countdown timer, From 3 to 1 when the game first starts.
  • Backround Music, possibly making it play random EP2 and HL2 songs.

Then use hl2 more people have it, not everbody has ep2.

All of the HL2 content comes jampacked when you buy Garry’s Mod so you never need to worry about that.

Good idea. I might do that.

Great point. HL2 Files should all be with gmod so shouldn’t have a problem.

No it does not. If you do not have episode 2, the episode 2 content won’t be there. It’s the same for any other game you don’t have or don’t mount.
If that’s not what you meant, sorry.

Although you should use half life 2 since everyone will have the content from it.

You are arguing the same point. He said hl2 not hl2ep2

Sorry, misunderstood.