Psychonauts Character Models

Well, I’ve been trying to find a way to rip models from Psychonauts for a few days with no success. 3D Ripper DX does not work and apparently no one has created a decompiler/importer for .plb files. PLB files are the model files in the game which are stored in .ppf files compressed files at ‘\steamapps\common\psychonauts\WorkResource\PCLevelPackFiles’

If anyone has any luck, please post.

I also would like to see this done. Unfortunately, I’ve never gotten 3D Ripper working at all, and I don’t think I can reverse-engineer the format.

Dang, now I want to go play that game again…

No worries, I actually managed to get a copy of psychonauts on disc which worked with 3D Ripper DX as oppose to the Steam version, I’m only going to port a few characters though. If someone wants to do more I’ll post a tutorial tomorrow. I’m almost done rigging Agent Cruller and Sasha Nein is next up. They will both be useable player models :slight_smile: Pics should be up tomorrow, and possibly even a download.

Woo! Ford Cruller is close to done, next up is Agent Nein and Boyd.

Awesome, dude!

Censors if nothing else.

Wow. Excellent work so far, man.

Can we get Raz at some point? :slight_smile:

I strongly suggest you do the Milkman.

Wait, that sounded a lot less dirty in my head.

I plan on rigging Sasha Nein, The Milkman or Boyd, and one of the G-men.

I’ll probably get back to working on these this weekend, I’ve got an AP exam tomorrow which I’m ‘studying’ for right now.

EDIT: sigh My computer died today, as in it won’t turn on. It’s got some major issues so I probably won’t be working on this for a while. Sorry for anyone that was anticipating a release within the following week(s).