Psychopath with katana
I like to pose these Psychopath-poses.


Rated dumb again? Wtf?

Your eyes glow
red if you’re a psychopath?

Mega creepy picture dude.
Posing on the sword looks a bit strage.
Anyways nice picture.

Theres a fag around here who likes to spam boxes!

Meh picture. Also, everyone is being rated dumb.

the posing looks a little stiff and and the eyes look pretty bad, a bit too bright i think.

I did rate artistic, but if I’ll have to elaborate.

The darkness and shrouded atmosphere makes it artistic, but not necessarily a masterpiece in Gmod skills. I can’t even see the “psychopath’s” posture properly because it’s so dark.

Then again, the darkness is logical, so I can’t really flame this for it.

The angle is great though!

This guys got a script that rates everyone dumb before they can even post. So when I am about to post this I will have a instant dumb rating which seems impossible.