Psychotic hitman at work - First FPS view

My contribution to Domino’s FPS-view contest. Took me a few days to edit, and I liked it, hope you will too.

This shit is amazing.

damn, only one comment so far? this picture is great!

Nicely done.

The gore is so good it made me feel sick.

Just incredible.

This is pretty much the best picture I have ever seen on this site. I’m lost for fucking words.

Oh my holy shit.
This picture is so good, it really blew my mind. You get a big shiny gold star.

My only gripe is that the positioning of the character’s arms seems a little odd.

The rest is amazing though. The subtle texture work is magnificent.

How the…

It’s awesome.

But more dods please.


That is incredible.


I like concept.

My eyes just can’t take the strain of this awesomeness!

might i direct you here?

hahahaha holy shit 58 artistics