Psychotic [Music Video]

Fuffa Films new music video. Comments please.

Looking for voice actors! Check our forums for more details

Nice video and story…
Almost everything is okey.
THE DOG PISS MOUTHED FUCKING RAGE SHIT MUSIC is creepy as hell,it sounds like a dog with a dickmouth eating piles of shit at the same time somebody sticks up a axe up his ass,and cuts his penis in half.

Seriously its:

Also,shitload of effects?

Its cool.
I like the scenery and the stuff.
You should get better blood you know,it will llook way better…(also he suicided at the end,why)

Im pretty much speechless about this post :v:

Also, obligatory post to claim the fame from the voice acting in the beginning there.

reminded me of this

btw that was a crazy ass mindfuck

He was a mess