PT-91 kinda thingmagic (tnake)

I made a tank, lol. It involves Poland. And Russia.


Therefore it’s far from being 100% accurate, but I still love it. Working on it to get the mass and armoring right.

I didn’t feel like doing all the ERA plates. Was already enough of a butthurt.

Runs on Karb’s tank chip. Maybe I’ll experiment with it, so I’ll get it to work on ACF engines.

And the real deal:

That looks just fantastic. What is the propcount?

Thanks man. It’s 214 props, 225 entities total.

Excuse me. I see an orange circle with a grey triangle in the original but not on your version D:

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Joking, It looks awesome. Great Work :slight_smile:

but it’s polish :frowning:

It’s basically a slightly modified T-72, which is russkie.

Looks pretty good. Is it based off ACF?

Anyway, you could add some camo. I’ve seen some petty good camo-metal textures (that can be used wiht material tool) on

Keep up the work! Pozdro :wink:

Wow that’s a lot. That tank looks like it can be built at a hundred props.

Uh no it doesn’t. Have you actually seen a tank at about 90-100 props? They’re either relatively small (tankette) or in a perfect scale for the PHX props (so they fit better). I would roughly guess this was 200~ props due to all the nice details on it, which it seems to be. 200~ props is also a good amount of props to hit, as there’s a good balance between efficiency and detail.

The turret itself consists of a large amount of small props because of its odd shape.

And it would be like over +100 additional props if I added the ERA plating.

Depends on what tank you want to build, but 100 props is perfectly suitable for a decent tank.
And what’s wrong with tanks being in perfect scale for PHX props? In Gmod, speaking of this forum: most tanks here are built in scale for the PHX props, this tank above is an idea example.

200 props being a good amount to hit is very debatable. I say its 100 props.
Also I’ve built tanks similar to this, so I have a rough estimate of how many props are required.

Most people build with 200~ props as far as I know, simply because there is a great ratio between detail and efficiency, as I said above. Anything below is just fine, just means that you’re able to build very efficient or you’re making something relatively small. Anything above (which isn’t supposed to be a ‘major project’ with tons of details) would be considered inefficient. Nonetheless, it mainly boils down to opinions and what most people do.

From the looks of the tank, it’d be almost impossible to just make it just 150 props or so. I mean look at it. You’d need some serious optimization to get that thing lower on props as I personally already consider this efficient for a pretty big tank. It has tank threads, a massively well built turret (which seems to be a pain in the ass to build due to all the angles on that thing), the sides seem to be made out 1x1 / 6x1 PHX plates as a lot of the side is in an angle. You just can’t optimize that down to 100 props.
Also not all too many people build in the scale that would be a perfect PHX size from what I see around on 'Goons. There’s usual a lot of visclipping on the turret and on the angled sides, which this tank doesn’t seem to have (which seems to be the reason that it’s on about 200 props). Just because it looks relatively simple doesn’t mean it’s able to be optimized more than it already is, as details can be hidden and scattered around the body.

For main battle tanks, building on scale of PHX props is the way to go.
On your comment about that 200 props etc. Why are you generalising? Main battle tanks aren’t so prop heavy as you imagined.

About impossibility? Its possible.

Also why are you describing optimization of the turret? The turret clearly can’t be optimized if it is to look as the same as before, but flat surfaces can be optimized, or unseen areas. And you say details can be hidden? details are meant to be shown.

oh and the tank is not as detailed as you imagined it to be. Its rather clean. which is good.
The detail it self isn’t prop heavy at all.

Uh oh. There’s some props in the detail work, and I wasn’t really going for any optimization at all. However, you might not see it on the screenshots, but there’s actually quite a lot of angles in the chassis itself, and it required some use of small props to achieve them.

Here, have some half-exploded views to get the idea where did all that stuff come from.

That’s cool, not many people show their full overview of a tank they made.
Does your tank have suspension? I see you do a replica of a torsion bar like in real tanks.

Nope, they’re here only because the wheels looked retarded when there was nothing between them and the chassis.

Just some weight suspension, so no real one.