Pterorhynchus NPC/Ragdoll

Took a lot less time to make than I thought it would, even with breaks to play Flight Sim X.
Next, it’s off to Mudbox. Hopefully it will be less of a bitch this time around but I tend to doubt it.

And this replaces the birds when finished right?

I also imagined it as a Man Hack replacement, that way it attacks us. Good luck and good work so far, though.

What the polycount on it? You said it’s off mudbox, I’m afraid that will be right trought he roof for any videogame.


Can’t read.

Yeah, it’ll replace the Crow. The Manhack isn’t suitable for an animal like this.
A Crow would actually be more equipped to attack someone than a Pterorhynchus. They were just too small and too fragile to attack much of anything. They were the same size as a Crow.

Before anyone asks too, the big vane on the tail will have transparency, that way I don’t have to model each scute, which ultimately means an insane polycount for the tail.

Good job, can’t wait to see an update ^^

I’m gonna try some different stuff with this one. If it works out it’ll be a real eye-popper.

you redo the topology before you put things into games

I actually make the lowpoly model first, then modify that into the high poly model, then sculpt on top of the high poly.
Unfortunately I have 32bit Win7 and using Mudbox is like taking a sledgehammer to your RAM so I can only sculpt on half of the model and even then I end up running out of memory which causes irreversible errors on the model.
That and the thing won’t render normals because it eats up all the memory then dies in a fire so I have to export to 3D Max and hope that doesn’t also die in a fire when I try to import the finished sculpt. If I can get it into Max though it will render there and that’s how I had to do the Allosaurus.

that too, i just said that because i do the entire model on zbrush then i redo the topology to get it into source.

Figured it was about time for another WIP update.

looks nice :stuck_out_tongue:

Another, this time as a transparent PNG so you can see the details.

Looking really good ^^.
Can I see a wireframe shot to check the topology of the mesh?
I’d like to see how you did the faces for the fur.

Can’t wait for next update :F

Ok the result looks good ^^.
Just one question, why the faces used for the fur arn’t welded to the mesh?
I did alpha faces for a ghillie model a long time ago but I don’t remember how I did it.

They don’t need to be welded to the mesh, not that they could be welded to it without disturbing the flow anyway.

Ok thank you ^^.
How is the model going?

uum have u got a release dat like 3rd of june or somthing

Been a little busy so I haven’t worked on it. Still needs to have the texture finished, then rigged and animated

ok i will be waiting