*PTSD Server/ Runs 24/7 / Oxide / Door Share / 1/2 craft / No Slp /

PTSD Rust Server

Freshly Wiped for content update 1/22/2014

-IP press f1 in game lobby and type "net.connect and you will instantly connect to us.
- Listed Name *PTSD 24/7, Oxide, Door Share, Fresh Wipe - 1/22, Sleepers, 1/2 craft.

Server is newish with a decently sized regular player base and experienced adult admins that are helpful and attentive. This server has
a 4 day grace period from players being able to craft explosives or c4 so that no group "controls" the c4 flow in early game. C4/explosives
can still be found from air drops and c4 can still be found in loot boxes and still drops from zombies.

The grace period from craftable c4 end this Sunday Night 1/26/2014

This server will not show names of players that are online but will show how many to help prevent other players from knowing your online
and offline times, while still being able to know how many survivors are out in the woods.

Make sure to join our RUST Steam group!

Rules : No racism, no spamming chat, no cheating, no exploiting, and no insulting of other players or flame wars.

- PVP | ON
- Sleeper| ON
- Airdrops | 15 players
- 50 slots, will be upgraded as community grows and if the players on the server wish to expand it.
- 50% craft time.
- Wipes will not be done unless it is absolutely necessary for very large content updates or if community requests it. 

The server uses the Rust Oxide Mod, and the following plugins:

Door sharing
Share your doors with your friends!
- To share door type /share "friends username"
- To unshare door type /unshare "friends username"

List Players
See players online

Chat History
See the chat history

Group up with friends


For easier administration of the server, so we will be able to attend to any problems in a hurry

For help with commands type  / help  in chat for a list of commands.

Growing Steady so far just need a few more people calling this home and we will have a steady regular population.

Fun server!

Just giving the server a friday night bump hoping to get a few more regulars in. Also was hoping some of you may have some feedback on our 5 day grace period from being able to craft explosives or c4. We like it as it gives players the ability to build proper homes before the explosions start flowing, however some players have told us that the grace period is the only reason they are avoiding playing here stating that it takes too much effort to get into homes that are well built. Any shared thoughts on this would be appreciated. Thanks.

have met some cool people on this server