Pub Models?

I need some Pub models for my map, anyone think they can help me out here?

The map is for Half-Life 2, I will credit you, and the contents owner/developer, thanks!

can you show us some pic of the map ,so that we know how good your are ?

I just started the basic geometry on the map, it aint good yet, but still, I will need some models. But why do I have to validate my map to get some models?


You could try in the models section, rather than the mapping section.

Ah so you still exist…

But… His maps look better than yours.

You really need to improve your mapping.

I would rather not be credited in this, that would be embarrassing.


…but honest.

Yeah, but it doesn’t really help the mapper when you complain about something and not tell them what needs changing and how to change it.

there’s a bar pump in that model pack, i’m gonna search for more pub/bar related models


couldn’t find any, but look for pub/bar maps, and extract the models of the maps using packrat. although i advise you to contact the creators first

Camaleot’s GTA IV pack has some models that would work in a bar.

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Whoops, I didn’t realise that was also GTAIV models.

Or that it was Camaleot that posted it :P? (presuming ofcourse that the Camaleot here and the Camaleot on are one and the same)

sure im alive XDDD nono i just make a stop for some months i play at the sec minecraft and make lets play and thanks that you sayd that my maps are better as his one :DDDDD

Ehrm perhaps you should read that over.