PUBG Hud (Want Feedback!)

So I’ve started a new project. It is a PUBG styled HUD for gmod. It’s got the basics, just like in PUBG (Health, # Of people Online, Ammo, Armor)

Full List of Current Features:

  • Health (Gets red as it decreases, if health is greater than 100HP than a simple text pops up with you true health amount)
  • Online “Alive” tab (This is just simply how many people are on the server, just there to simulate the PUBG Hud
  • Helmet, Chest Armor Icons (These are not the exact icons like in PUBG, but they are somewhat similar.
  • Player Stance (In the bottom right corner shows if you are standing or crouching
  • DarkRP Variables (This is configurable in the config.lua. This HUD is meant to be for a more militaryrp server. But I did decide
    to add some DarkRP vars. Right now its just the Job of the player and their money and salary.

Future Plans:

  • Compass
  • Better design for armor
  • Better design for DarkRP vars
  • VCMod Support (For anyone who has played PUBG knows that when in a vehicle you can see your health, fuel, and what seat your in, I plan to simulate this with VCMod)
  • Party system support (I don’t know exact what party system I want to use yet, I may add multiple systems. But in the real game if you play Squad or Duo’s you can see
    your team in the top right)
  • Custom Death Notifications (Again like in the real game in the bottom left there is a death feed, I plan to add this, but I’m not sure if it will go in the bottom right, as that is where chat is on most servers)

Extra Info:

  • A simple text for health will pop up to the right of the health bar if you health is greater than 100hp
  • The armor icon will pop up if your armor is 0-49 and the chest and helmet will pop up if armor is 50+
  • Job Salary is in parentheses at the end of your wallet / cash
  • Job name has same color text as the job


**Feedback would be VERY much appreciated. **

Update (9/27/17)

What was added

  • Overhead display.
  • Few Bug fixes.

**Not to much added but I think the overhead is decent. It is also customization in the config!

I’ve started on a In-Game config for players to configure the HUD to their liking. This is only a client side config so it will not change anything server wide.

Also I’ve started to implement a custom death notice, I’m trying to make it look similar to the real game where it shows the victim, attacker, and players left**

New Video

Very cool bud :slight_smile:

Edit: Don’t listen to the elitists here rating you dumb and thinking they’re better than everyone else. Don’t let that stop you from modding and improving, every programmer started somewhere.

Seems a little uncalled for considering only one user actually did so.

OP it’s an interesting concept but now that you have the base down try to expand upon it a little bit. Maybe change the health bar color to the job’s color?

I’m considering doing this if the DarkRP vars are enabled, but I think keeping the white and red would look the best as that’s what it is in the real game

Not a bad idea, although this could let you create an ingame config so users can choose which option they want.

I might add it, but as a ingame config goes, idk

Not too difficult! Either do it server or client based, and this can be done by saving the settings in a text document. Then you just need to make a menu to make these changes.

I think I may do a client side config in-game along with a lua config for server side stuff

It makes sense to set the default HUD that every new play would get as a server-side config, and use the client’s config options to override it if they want to change it. This would give players easy customization and also will allow you to reset to default if they wanted to scrap their own configs.

Its a good idea tho!

Add little shadow on the text?

All the text, or a specific text?

All the text i think

its bad
you should make it better

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like it, nice work my guy, very nice and clean look on it, although i would suggest a slow animation for the hp change, although that is my own opinion. Would love to use it once realised if not already/

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dont see anything bad with it, anyway what do you mean?

I’m not planning to put a animation on the health (If you mean it slows disappears to the current health)

**Edit: **
I may make it so the damage taken has a little fade out like in the real game

New Update! Added a overhead display

It’s looks better than most of script selling sites addons

This looks really nice!

Some feedback could be to add some transparency to the health bar and hud features, which should give them a lighter feel.
Also, the colours of the jobs below the health bar REALLY stick out. Might be worth working on the colour’s or saturation levels there regarding that. Other than that, I think it looks very nice! Well done :slight_smile:

Link ?

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