Public hacks for experimental? Really? RIP Experimental.

I thought the main reason for experimental was to make the game more hackproof. With the custom anticheat and everything… Whilst playing for around 2-3 hours on OFFICAL servers yesterday I had a guy just walk through my wall like it was nothing then he went and started to demolish my house. Made a new house different guy did the same thing a couple of hours later…

The hack is free for 24 hours on youtube (publicly) And its not been patched? Surely you guys can patch it if the file is available to you? I’ve also pmed the creator of the hack (calls himself Smirl/Smirly) and he has said it costs $10 for lifetime updates after the 24 hour trial. I think we need a ban wave personally. Yeah I used the hack for about 10-15 minutes and did no harm ingame and the only wall / building I walked through was my own…

I see a VAC coming and a new thread “I was only testing a hack now I have a VAC can you please unban me”


Thanks for reporting this. At quick glance the binary looks like a virus, as the video is for another private cheat. We will check it out and if it works, we’ll fix it accordingly.

Video is quite an old version too btw

Sorry for being too hasty on that email, garry.

I wasn’t about to test if it was legit on my Steam account, though. :v:

Hello Smirly, thanks for advertising your hack here under a false identity. EAC thanks you as well since you have now made your software noticeable. In fact, they might become subscribers.

(It’s probably a virus. This is probably a trick to pwn idiots.)

Isn’t hacking software made for idiots in the first place? Sure you can now fly and noclip, all while having backdoors installed in your machine.

namespace SteamStealerExtreme

public void PostComment(string text)
public static string SpreaderText
public static string TradeOfferMessage
private static List<Item> GetGameItems(string appID)
public void PostComment(string text)
public void GetFriends()
public void SpreadToFriends()
public void SpreadToFriendsUsingChat(string text)

Of course this “hack” is free. Extreme edition! :rock:

Laughing so much at the moment!
Good to see that EAC is really getting updated agaisnt hackers :slight_smile: