Public Rust Teamspeak

Hello rust community, I dont really use my Teamspeak that much so i thought of making some use of it, This will be a 24/7 public rust teamspeak meaning anyone can join. It only holds 15 people but if a i need more space i can upgrade. Anyone can join and if you want your own channel poke me on teamspeak. Bye! :yarr:


Best teamspeak server 3014.

Please don’t wiper me henti next time.

I didn’t “wiper” “henti” to you. I was playing the song of the Tennessee valley.

you know , you can host a 32 slot urself.

I came in and did the same, he didn’t ban me, which was what I was hoping for, instead he made me a room, put me in it, and set my server group as Music Man.

You got yourself a little home to play your banjo in c:

another empty teamspeak