Public server files?

Hello everyone,
I’m someone that likes to have a server for my self. I heard if Rust gets buyable it will be in pairs of ~500… Because of the server can’t have 500+(or what ever amount) players online at the same time. Why not make the server files public? I’m sure there are people that want their own public server.

Please don’t make this a dumb post, in my previous post about something else there were 2 people sharing their opinions, and made a problem of it after that, please don’t make a problem about someone else his OPINION.

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This is Dumb, Voted for

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the game is in a very early alpha so obviously they’re going to test everything on a central server before they let every idiot who thinks he can host 500 players at once host a server

100 posts of bullshit no doubt. what even is the point of this post? it doesn’t contribute to the thread or anything at all.

I mean this for when the game is released,
and it doesn’t have to be like 500 players servers, it can also be 60 or what ever amount(depends on what the hoster wants).

I guess in time mods will tell.