These admins play while admining… do not ban hackers and ban anyone who builds campfires or asks the admin anything… basically a nazi server run by a wannabe hitler…



i REPEAT DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME … I wasted mine to show u not to waste yours…

(User was banned for this post ("all caps thread title, missed the servers subforum, terrible thread" - postal))

This would be my server, I do not play on my server I purely admin.

[CHAT] “Ranga”:"prob because my 56 campfires
This would be the gent I banned considering the recent patch and stability issues a valid reason for a boot the abuse he started screaming then lead to a ban, he only has himself to blame.

and I answer almost everything asked of me.

Please take you butt hurt away and stop being toxic young sir

First off im prob older then you and your stupid comments like that just make you seem like a moron…

Second how bout you banned me when i said your being abusive or when you banned admiral for saying the same thing instantly… or the people in chat saying why are you banning the legit guys and the hackers still running wild…

Also how about the girl admin who plays with reshin who made the youtube videos about crouch walking??? why don’t you relax on the 2 year old comments and reply to everything…

I think your the hurt one my friend.

Everyone who knows me knows I am legit, Most people say i suck even… which is fine but atleast I play hack free and try to keep my entire crew the same. Yet continusly get banned from servers by abusive admins like yourself and I have everything recorded on my twitch… esp when you just banned me without saying a word. ooo wait u laughed then banned me

Look dude, this is childish. He owns the server and can do with it as he wishes.

Go find another server. It IS that simple.


Sure but I don’t want people to waste their time like I did only to get banned because the admin was having a bad day… I think everyone should know this… if you think its childish thats fine thats your opinion and I just gave you mine on why I posted this

Sure its his server… but what is a server without a playerbase … nothing

Right on Jack. We do own the server. We spend countless hours administering the server, banning hackers and helping out legit players. That group has done nothing but trash talk the server and admins. They have been invited to play elsewhere. All very simple. BTW, if they are so concerned about hackers, they should probably kick Ranga from their group.

“Yet continusly get banned from servers” that comment alone sinks your own argument.

Simple fact is you broke the rules on my server then threatened to post on here and on reddit etc to kill my server, I am not hurt at all my server has been going since day one with no issue and the overall feel is that me and my sub admins do a good job (yes I have sub admins who play but will lose admin just as fast if they fuck about with there power)

I did not say I banned you for hacking, you was banned for threats against my server and showing no respect to the admins (which is a rule btw not that you ever looked)

at the end of the day I work 12 hour shifts and come home and admin and do not play so others can enjoy a good server, yes we miss some hackers and some are just hackusations with no evidence and no legit reason to ban.

Plus what bunny said :slight_smile:

I actually havn’t trash talked anyone really because of fear of a ban… I am usually quiet the potty mouth. Also I will dig way deep into ranga and see whats going on because I had no idea he had another profile if that is his cause I have been impersonated multiple times by hackers… which is a common ploy they use on rust which you would know since you admin so much…

Looks like you guys all have 1 or 2 posts so I guess maybe you are just some noobie / bambi players who bought a server and just have no fucking clue how to run it… in which case Its even better i found out how abusive you are before I wasted even more time.

Also I can post video of my friends list with over 100 blocked players who I befriend only to find out they where hacking…

Hell the last server I admin’d on the owner turned out to be a hacker… Would I admin a server for a hacker??? knowingly,… never… But its pretty hard to find out whos hacking in rust with the lack of tools currently…

I will definitly find out about ranga though asap as he is now afk…

None of this changes what I said though and why you banned 3-5 people for saying something you don’t like to hear… period

Your deflection tactics are 10 year old at best…

He goes and does this on every server. We were on a server together. Accused my friend of hacking also. He says because he has 1500+ hours and has played on over 500 servers that he knows a hacker when he sees one. So admins, don’t take it personal, he does this on every server.

To reply to your last post twitch tv panoptic gaming… show me where I said ill slander your server and ill suck your dick… because I didn’t say shit about that… I said why you being abusive banning legit players and you banned me period

I get banned from servers all the time because I don’t fuck around I am here to dominate and take your soul… I raid a admin… I get banned… I find out they are spawning items… I get banned I find out they are in it with the hackers… I get banned… Its a common thing with rust atm

All the shit your saying plus your post counts just make me think your a bunch of novice guys who have no fucking clue about what state rust is in or what goes on everyday for the past 5 months.

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Funny how everyone who backs you up is like 1 or 2 posts … this is like a hacker thread where they say they got unjust vac ban cause their dog borrowed their account

Lol like my buddy Forty said, don’t take this clown seriously. Can’t count how many arrogant statements I heard from this fool.

“I have ___ hours, I know a hacker when I see one”

Well if you know hackers so well, start your own server and ban everybody that kills you.

You are pathetic and will continue to be pathetic, and this post is just proof of that.

Peace Panoptic, get some skill.

i think this is really unfair considering the amount of effort this group put into there building, they didnt “hack,cheat, or exploit” they should be unbanned with out a doubt…

You can say i suck or talk shit till you turn blue bro… Doesnt change the fact that this guys server is just banning people for non reasons facts are facts bro… You can hate me all you want, It actually fuels me…

Yeah I can kinda tell forty.

Post count = Admin competency? This is new or could it be that in the months my server has been running I haven’t needed to post?

Look I run my server best I can you guys broke my rules and got banned deal with it, an admin made a decision that was backed by other admins, you guys then start shouting abuse then saying how you was gonna kill the server with your 69k followers and posting here etc etc

I worked a 12 hour shift and have now been admining today for a further 6 and honestly I am to tired to deal with you toxic rubbish

and funny thing is I would of unbanned all of them if they had just calmed down