Public Teamspeak 3 for garry'smod (and other games)

I own a teamspeak 3 server and mainly use it for playing games with people or just hanging around having a talk.

Now i am opening this server to the public everyone is free to join, you can play games with us or just use it to play games with your own friends.

If you have a clan/group you can ask for a private channel with password, (or without) the server has enough channels for different games and if not i will create more.

So feel free to join, any questions/suggestion are welcome.


I want a teamspeak channel for my group “Group Masturbation Moaners”


This actually sounds like a good idea, but doesn’t’ facepunch already have a teamspeak/ventrilo?

This isn’t facepunch’s, it’s his personal.

Very nice, i’ll drop by tmrw to say hi :smiley: