Public Teamspeak For Rust Players

Hello people,

I have had a teamspeak i used for my clan a while ago and it still has about 30 days time on it so i have decided to turn it into a public teamspeak for the rust community and for players that want to use teamspeak and can’t afford to rent there own server.

Players can join this teamspeak if they want to team up with other players or even find a clan to join. You can also get a clan channel with a password of your choice that can be changed at anytime,just ask me in teamspeak and i will make it for you. If your channel is inactive it might get deleted but i will can always remake it again.

The server has about 37 days left for this subscription but if it gets active people i will renew it again.

The server also at the moment has about 35 slots and i can always upgrade the slots if the server gets lots of people (which i doubt it will get more than 35 players)

Anyway i hope people join my teamspeak and use it! Thanks.


Ill get on tomorrow. #GreatIdea

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Hope you have fun.

there was already this that I know, anyway thanks for making it available! :smile:

lol never heard of it hope i don’t get yelled at for copying :3

I think that 2 public teamspeak for the community is only a good stuff. :slight_smile:

Dedicated Play Rust Teamspeak server:

I was wrong, I meant this and not that of the wiki lol


Take a look at the uptime for that Teamspeak:

Been around since closed alpha :slight_smile: Hasn’t went down even once.

If you end up taking it down, I can publicize my Teamspeak more.