Publishing GMA to Workshop fail (code 16)

So basicly I’m trying to upload the gma to the workshop but i’m getting this all the time.
tried within this hour more then 30 times…

It means that your upload has timed out. Try a different Steam server.

How am i supposed to change a steam server O_O

Set a closer to you download region is Steam Settings.

The download region is already on my country

Change it to a different one temporarily.

I’ll try and it put it on UK
I have to edit region through steam>options>downloads right?

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I’ve putted it on UK, got the same error.
going to try US>Newyork right now

This is still not fixed though

What’s the filesize you try to upload?

The GMA is 300 MB, but it compresses to 70 MB

And your up speed?

should be around 200 kb/s, download region is on my country and it’s not busy

Your up speed might be the issue then.

I fixed it. I just use Workshopper V1.0 and it’s fixed.
gmpublish just sucks.