Puddle Jumper in Progress

Puddle Jumper /canceled

Status: Pre-alpha release 8th/June/2008
Alpha 2 release 18/July/2008
Canceled 8th/Nov/2008

Model: 99%
Texture: placeholder
Animations: 0%

It just gets better and better.

Love it. Very good, let’s just hope you can get someone to texture it for you.

So far very nice, keep at it.

Here is a littel update.

I tried to let it look unique.


It looks real nice. I’d rate you a goldstar but… You know.

What ever happened to all the other ratings?

But yeah he’s right that is good looking

Update:Animation test.


Note:You have to click on the pic and wait a little then it gets faster.

the animation is a little slow due to gif-conversion.

Hope it looks good.



Now, what about the scale?

Lovely, I hate to Put the other guy down who made that other Puddle jumper But this is a lot better quality I just hope there are not to many Polygons to compile. Anyway Ill be happy to help you out with texturing since this will go brilliantly with A certain Stargate Roleplay map i have been working on (Might not get finished) So add me on msn (Rtcw_warghost@hotmail.com) or Steam (Flyboi)


Hmmm…Polygons… Yes I hope that too because I heard that c4d uses too much polys but I try to clean it up after I finishd the main stuff.


I didn’t use MSN and I never used Steam for chatting (don’t know why) only for gameing maybe we find an other way to get contact.

That’s awesome! Great job!


I’m trying to test it ingame (only for scale) but I have some problems with Convertion.

I hope you don’t give up, this model certanly deserves to be used. It looks so awesome, I could drool all day long.

ok I have two big problems.

the first is that I can’t modify the scale in the qc file.

the second is that I always get this error when I compile the model

Working on “pj.qc”
SMD MODEL pj_ref.smd
SMD MODEL pj_phys.smd
WARNING: Bad collision model, check your smoothing groups!!!
aWARNING: Truncating model!!!
WARNING: pj_phys.smd has bad smoothing groups
Model has 1 convex sub-parts
Collision model completed.
Computed Mass: 4127436.25 kg

I’ve tried many differnt smoothing groups but it won’t work.

If somebody has any idea I would be very thankful.

Yes you can modify the scale. “$scale” “1”

Make sure your collision model everything is in the same smoothing group.

the problem with the scale is that when I set it to 0.5 I get an error.


and when I leave it at 1 it is too large


Maybe I know why the collide doesn’t work. There are some Polygons pointing at the inside of the Jumper not like the others.
If that’s the problem I will have to remake the whole Jumper because I don’t know how to turn them.

Here is a Pic.



ok i got the polygons fixed but I still have the smoothing error.

It’s a very complex model (over 1700 polys in 6 Parts ) and I have never made a phys model before, If someone knows how to do that, please help me.

great work on the puddle jumper, by the way how large is it in game i mean the puddle jumper i kind of large in the series

Like I said it’s pretty large (3 times bigger then votekick’s) but I will change the scale when the compiling works correctly after that I can finish the laste details (Pilot seat and Console) and then the only things left are coding and texturing.