I think I asked before, but I can’t find the OP. So I was wondering on how I could make nice reflective puddles? I’ve seen some for CSGO, but I can’t get them to work in CSS.

The key is to make the decals an “UnLitGeneric” sadly there is no way around it (as far as I know). When using that shader you can apply a envmapmask and enable cubemaps on decals :slight_smile: you then just adjust the texture itself in Photoshop or whatever to make it darker or brighter depending on your scenes lighting.

There is an obsulete shader that has an entry in the VDC that was supposed to do exactly that but I can’t find that entry now.


Might be that there actually isnt an entry … but here is what a puddle from hl2 looks like:
Note that they are using a envmapmask as basetexture. This can be done but using a diffuse and mask works perfectly fine

	// Original shader: DecalDarkeningSpecularCubicEnvMap
	"%tooltexture" "Decals/decalwastelandpuddle001a"
	"$envmap" "env_cubemap"

	"$basetexture" "decals/decalborealispuddlemask001a"
	"$translucent" "1"

	"$decal" 1
	"$decalscale" 0.25
	"$envmaptint" "[ 0.50 0.50 0.50 ]"
	"%keywords" "borealis"