Pueblo: A small project for Counter-Strike Source.

Over the past few days, I’ve been working on a small hostage rescue map for Counter-Strike Source.

I’ve made some more progress adding an interior along with things like lights, windows, etc.

The interior is still under detailed at the moment, so It’s not worth looking at.

Does it seem more aesthetically pleasing than the last version?


I’ve kept working and I’ve changed a few things, rounded stair wall-things (as of Anthracite’s request.)

Oh man, building small portions of a map focused around one center of detail? I feel just like Oskutin!


I’ve added a 3d Skybox which is still very WIP. I was trying to use those rocks as placeholders for mesas. I’m not sure exactly if I want this building to be a home, restaurant, or something else.

The 3D Skybox does not fit the envirnoment, consider removing it.
but i love the architectural design of the building, it should be lookign better once you get a few more buildings in

Perhaps I might have better luck porting it to TF2?

You would need to remake it with the larger scale to fit TF2…

I thought about that, I just think that the art assets for TF2 might be more fitting for this style, though I really don’t want to have to remake the map.

500 million pictures on 1 structure. Good start though, looking forward to this.

You should make a blend texture for the brick path and the sand

Ima retard

They’re showing changes over time.