Pulled Into Darkness

Halloween’s a-foot, and it’s time for some horror…and zombies! Here’s a piece, took me quite some time. Hope you guy’s like it! I was trying for a very dramatic effect.


** WARNING: Picture may be affected by your monitor’s brightness setting!**

Rate and comment! :smiley:

I like it. My desktop now. I covered this in the chat. Nice.

Good use of a filter. Otherwise the pic would look low-quality, but the filter saves it. :v:

Creepy… And I like it! It’s a nice way to use the regular rebel and zombie.

Yes, I learned that technique last weekend while I was tinkering with Photoshop. Its actually not a filter, its a combination of layer channels and overlays.

Too dark, too low res.

Very creepy. The darkness really adds to the fear factor. Nice work :3