pulling hair over this

for the past week I have been trying to replace chell with samus. My most recent attemptinvolved rigging samus’s model with chells skeleton in maya. The problem is, when I export it, the vertices of the triangles in the smd all list their parents as smd_mesh instead of the bones. If I don’t find a way to fix this, I’ll have to go through and change every single vertex parent by hand (I would be in a nursing home before I finish)

what am I doing wrong? I want to get this to work

you might want to try milkshape or 3ds max, I used to use milkshape to rig and animate all my models because of how well it exports them, but it sucked balls at everything else. I’ve seen a tutorial on how to rig for 3ds max and it seems to export fine, so i might look into that…

would exporting to one of those, then exporting from those to smd work?
I took a class in maya a while back, but dont know other programs for crap

Yes that would work, what i do (but am trying to stray away from) is that i model in maya, then i export as an .obj. (You might need to enable the pluggin to do so).

Then i import the obj into milkshape, in milkshape i rig, animate, and size it. Although it sucks serious ass, milkshape actually exports and imports smd’s very well. So i export a smd for the animation and reference. then compile.

thank you, I’ll try that