Pullout Method

Pullout of the area. Donguss


also, a sickly coloured Space nam pose, because I wanna do more




so who gave you my VTOL?

-snip- #wow #whoa

Nice job.

lighting’s great, i mean
everything about this is great

Love the texturing

I thought the pull out method was gonna be something else…

Sure I asked Viper and then he asked you and ya said it was alright

It was a wee while ago, like january. I was trying to use the entity version off Gmod.org and he said there was a better version, and said he would ask, seeing as I couldn’t find you on my friends list

I’m sorry if you genuinely didn’t know, I don’t want there to be any misunderstanding between us.

Hold it right there, i double-checked with you if it was ok and you said yes.

Also, nice pics Xana, i really like the halo-cerberus combo guys.

I’ll admit, I expected different. Noice Xana.

i surrender officers dont shoot

but yeah i think i remember now

i might finally be able to fix and upgrade my old machine soon so i’ll be releasing that thing in the near future