Pulsar Effect Funeral

This is the thread for the formal assumed Pulsar Effect Roleplay Funeral.

Pulsar Effect Roleplay 1 Serious was some of the greatest roleplay ever played. Everyone was serious about it, not many minges, and the minges that did play got fair treatment of what was coming to them.

Police, Firefighters, S.W.A.T, and Paramedics would deal with hostage situations of the mayor and other important persons, in an extremely organized, realistic fashion.

Then came Pulsar Effect Roleplay 2. The entire Pulsar Effect became a Lite/Minge server. No minges got what they deserved, and they kept coming back, ultamitely coining the term ‘failrp’er’. The servers were DDOSed non-stop, until seemingly, BlackFur lost all hope.

Pulsar Effect has been gone and silent for about 2 months now. With hopes of TF2TD coming back, the community became a little more enthusiastic. Then there was a DDOS attack and it’s been down ever since.

Rest in peace, Pulsar.


stop making these threads about PE. The only people you are gonna get in here are me and the 2 dozen or so people who have nothing better to do than just flame it.

If PE is down for good, let it be and get over it. It isnt the only thing in your life so just move on to something else, because threads like this (which this is about the 3rd or 4th one) are only gonna cause more drama and shit from the peanut gallery.

Let it go and get over it. Move on with your life.

Requesting a lock on this before it turns into yet another drama fest.

PE was good when it was just GMR and the older gamemodes, it was alright when PERP First started, it went shittier when PERP became very popular, then PERP2 secured its death.

I miss the days before PERP, brought in too much drama.

Seriously though, just lock it, the flaming is inevitable.

Stopped reading at about here.

A brilliant idea, why don’t you roleplay a funeral for the gamemode?

<3 GMR racing

I believe PE admins brought it down

aaaaaaaaaaaaand here we go…

Can someone just lock this please?

I also recommend locking this. Even though I have never been to the server but for short periods of time, I still say lock it. This kind of stuff gives Gmod rp a bad name.

That was the point of this thread. :confused:

Alright mods, you should probably lock it, Lombax is right it’s just going to be a flame-fest.

/me buries pulsar’s decaying corpse in the Graveyard Of Minge

Who cares, they had a RP like it was GTA.

because gmod rp is only supposed to be srs and shit.
get out

How many times has PERP died? shesh.

Never said it did :v:
just less run around buy cars get money and guns. Fuck Bitchez.

i think everyone is ignoring you. I’m not <3

Lombax is a jerk he thinks he special because hes a PE admin lol.


on topic I would like to say ive never played perp but ive heard bad things, so its not a big deal. Im out

I just miss the days when it was only PERP1, GMR, and GMod Party / TF2TD. Those were the best days on PE. I mean, I like PERP2, but there’s just too many problems with it, like mass lag, and constant DDOS on the servers.

It was a good server, but these treads just start way too much drama and im tired of all this RP drama.

Too many times.